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iBiryani welcomes Mahmood Khan as our new CTO and EBP Architect.

Federal agencies have moved to outlaw ibiryani’s proprietary EBP technology deeming it a threat to national security….watch this space for more live updates!
Live Updates!

Enterprise Biryani Provisioning

Enterprise Biryani Provisioning (EBP) is the new enterprise challenge. With BYOD (bring your own dish) and other security challenges, iBiryani.co.uk is the new platform for truly scalable and secure EBP.


You need it…we provide it!


Well’ard Reshad embarks on Sponsored Suicide for Charity

Well’ard Reshad, an early adopter of iBiryani’s proprietary EBP technology, is jumping out of a plane (for charity). We here at iBiryani’s global HQ have decided to support this dubious endeavour and are sponsoring the event. We have offered to donate £20 if Well’ard Reshad jumps with a parachute and £150 if he jumps without …

Satya Nadella joins the iBiryani team

Please join us in welcoming Satya Nadella to the iBiryani empire. “The Satman”, as he is known to friends and colleagues in the industry, will be heading up the Business Process Re-engineering team looking at innovative ways ways to maximise profitability by cutting expenditure on human “resources”.


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